Get fresh with me + follow your dreams

Get fresh with me + follow your dreams Hello hello, and welcome to The Lemonade! There are so many fresh faces here today. Welcome, one and all! Come in, come in! Take your coat off and stay a while. I have a special treat planned today! So nice to see you today, I'm...

Twitter Chats for Girl Bosses

This is the best resource for busy girlbosses looking to #showup in their business by participating in awesome + carefully cultivated twitter chats.   On Wednesdays we tweet!   #beingbosschat - Hosted by Being Boss podcasters Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon- 4pm...

accidentally hired 5 maids

I accidentally hired 5 maids What? How does that even happen? Read on, my friend. Hello and welcome, I see we have some new guests today! Please, sit down, and enjoy. I am your quirky but lovable host, Kara Whaley, and we'll be chatting today. Awesome! Do have some...

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