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Your business. My genius.
A match made in magic. Let’s make it happen.
My Pure Genius Sessions were created with the sole purpose of empowering awesome, nerdy girlbosses like you to kick ass in their businesses. To make them more efficient. More effective. More PROFITABLE. Who doesn’t want that? If you’re creating something amazing, I want to help you perfect it.  If your business serves fantastic people, I want to help you serve them even better. And if you have an incredible idea still in its infancy, then I want to help you raise it into the epic business venture you know it CAN be! You’re going to be amazed at what we can create together in under an hour. I call it a Pure Genius Session, and not to brag (re: totally bragging), it’s going to change everything.

What is a Pure Genius Session?

A Pure Genius Session gives you, the aforementioned awesome, nerdy girlboss, full access to my own strategic genius. When applied to your business, then the real magic happens. Each Pure Genius Session includes the following:

  • 45 minutes of 1:1 pure genius strategy to address your most pressing business concern
  • A totally achievable action plan you can implement immediately
  • Lots of laughs (and maybe some Harry Potter chat, if you’re down)
  • Oh, and some deliverables, too, within 2 business days, so you can savor the genius a little longer:
    • Genius video file (so you can relive our session whenever you feel like it)
    • Genius notes (I’ll send you all my notes, so you don’t have to take any – instead you can focus on asking your questions and soaking up all the good stuff we discuss!)

Of course, I’m not going to leave you hanging when our session is through. I’ll continue to be available to you by email for a full week after our session, so we can clarify anything that came up during our chat. (You know how you always think of things later that you wish you’d said during a conversation? Don’t worry about it.)

Why should you work with me?

Because every business could use a dose of genius, right? (Hint: the answer is yes!)
See, something amazing happens when someone who’s super strategic, organized, and neutral (i.e., not entrenched in the day-to-day workings of your business) takes a close look at what you’re struggling with, or what you’re trying to put out into the world. Things come into focus. New and creative solutions jump right out of the box. Working on your business becomes FUN again. (Yeah!) Your energy comes back. And it shines right through your work.

The Pure Genius Session is perfect! Kara is committed to genuinely helping you with your goals and she knows how to ask the right questions to effectively get things done in 45 minutes.  Kara is great at giving you a positive critique that will help you be better! If you have the opportunity to work with Kara, make sure you do it! You will close out your Skype better because of this session.

Serita B.

Creative Strategist

“It is our choices that show who we truly are, far more than our abilities.” – Albus Dumbledore Your Choices

Let’s Get Started!

You want to work together? Score! So how do we make that happen?


Schedule a quick clarity call. We’ll discuss your biggest business struggles and goals for our session(s).


Pass me the $$$ + legal shit. You buy your session(s), and then we’ll perform the Unbreakable Vow spell. (Bonus if you know what that is.)


Schedule our Pure Genius Session! Then, like magic, we’ll be face-to-face to start our work! (Well, via the magic of Skype.)

Got questions? I’ve (probably) got answers! Let me have them!

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