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This is the best resource for busy girlbosses looking to #showup in their business by participating in awesome + carefully cultivated twitter chats.


On Wednesdays we tweet!


#beingbosschat – Hosted by Being Boss podcasters Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon– 4pm PT/ 7pm ET – Weekly

The Scoop: Listen to the Being Boss podcast (because, duh, you’re a boss creative entrepreneur), then head over to the chat for an exciting and impactful time.

Bonus: Join the Being Boss community on Facebook. Good people, good times, being boss + killing it.


#OWSchat – Hosted by One Woman Shop – 6pm PT/ 8pm ET – Monthly

The Scoop: One Woman Shop is an amazing resource hub + community for women solopreneurs. Seriously, check them out and plan on making it to this monthly hour o’ greatness.


#nectarchat – Hosted by The Nectar Collective – 6pm PT/ 9pm ET – Weekly

Melyssa is super sweet and her chats are always packed full of amazing people, questions, and answers. This was one of the first twitter chats I participated in, and I make sure not to miss it. (Say hi if you see me around!)

Bonus: Check out a #nectarchat recap over at her blog. 


#creativebizchat – Hosted by Little Farm Media – 7pm PT/ 10pm ET – Weekly

The Scoop: Fast paced, funny, and on point, creativebizchat is for #girlbosses and #dreamchasers in any industry – from handmade etsy types to designers.


#savvychat – Hosted by Heather Crabtree – 8pm PT/ 11pm ET – Monthly

The Scoop: Heather Crabtree is a systems expert + all around awesome human. Savvychat is fun, inviting, and so helpful. You -seriously- don’t want to miss this. I mean it. And, just so there’s no excuse for missing…



Super bonus resource alert.

As a thank you for visiting me in my virtual home (aka, my website), I created a special shared Google Calendar. The calendar has all the above-mentioned twitter chats already plugged in.

What, Google calendar? What is this witchcraft?

Hit the bottom right button (+ Google Calendar), and BAM. You have yourself an awesome resource for twitter chats, and no excuses about forgetting!


Do you have a twitter chat to suggest to add this awesome lineup? Leave a comment below!