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Business is in my blood, but my favorite part of being a Genius Business Strategist* are the business owners I serve – they’re fantastic. I love spoiling my clients as much as you love spoiling yours. Young, creative, nerdy entrepreneurs are “my people,” and I love helping them shine.

I’m Kara, as you probably guessed, and I’ve got a passion for supporting people as they put their own genius out into the world. When you hire me, here’s what you can expect:

  • Honest, frank, yet totally kind discussion of your business idea or problem
  • Value-packed deliverables to help you get the most out of your investment with me
  • The best working experience you’ve ever had with a strategist, period

That last part sounds like a pretty bold claim, right? That’s okay with me – I stand behind it 100%. If you’ve been burned by a strategist or coach in the past, I want to completely transform everything you believe about the process. And if this is your first time working with a professional in this capacity, I want you to be completely blown away by the experience.  I’m dead serious.

Nothing feels better to me than the thrill of knowing I truly helped a business client achieve rockstar boss status. Those thank-you emails that show me how touched they were by my contribution and my attentiveness? That’s the kind of thing that keeps me going. Seriously, it gives me chills. Or tears. Sometimes both. This is what I was made to do. I want to help you launch the ideas, solve the problems and make the decisions that will help you to once again love your own work as much as I do mine.

Let’s build a relationship that supports you as your business grows! Whether we do just one strategy session or several, I’ll be rooting for you every step of the way.

As for how I achieved Genius Business Strategist status…well, for one thing, entrepreneurship runs deep in my family. My dad was a serial entrepreneur while I was growing up, just like my grandfather (who, at the ripe old age of 75, decided to start a bicycle business right out of his front yard. He would collect bikes that had been set out for trash pickup, fix them up as good as new, paint them, and sell them. He also offered repair services, as my hometown had no shop that would fix bikes. My grandpa just celebrated his 80th birthday this year, and he still sells bikes every single day. WHAT?!)

Continuing the family tradition of boss-ness, I knocked out a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Women’s Studies, graduating in just two years. I also tried on two graduate programs (a MA/PhD in Sociology and a Master of Public Administration), but neither were for me. So, I dove into the world of business ownership, operating a successful photography and design business for several years before discovering what I was really meant to do: this genius thing that you’ve been reading about on my site.

Wait…you’re still looking for the traditional bio stuff, after all the rad stuff I’ve shared? Okay:  I’m a New Mexico native who came to Ohio for college at Kent State University. I love all things nerd, musicals, reading, roller coasters and movie marathons. I’m the world’s biggest Harry Potter fan – no, really; I actually wrote an award-winning paper in college on it.  I’m crazy weird, hella real, and simultaneously an adventurer and a homebody, and I embrace all of it.

I’ll leave you with this Harry Potter quote (I TOLD YOU):

“It does not do to dwell on dreams, and forget to live.” – Albus Dumbledore

Epic, right? I want your business to be the stuff of dreams – but I want to help you make it a reality. Reach out to me when you’re ready for that, because I can promise you it’s going to rock.

* What’s a Genius Business Strategist, you ask? Well, in my case, it’s someone who casts her genius out into the business world in awesome 45-minute increments called Pure Genius Sessions! Want to know more?

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